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  • The first transparent layer of the eye just inside the white part of the eye(sclera) is known as Cornea.

  • It is normally transparent. 

  • It works as convex lens working to focus beam of light onto the retina.

  • Common corneal disorders are Corneal ulcer and Corneal opacity.













  • Corneal ulcer is break in continuity of the external layer of cells of the cornea.

  • The common causes are injury, infection, exposure to chemicals – acids, alkali

  • Additional risk factors are reduced immunity as in Diabetes, post Chemotherapy.

  • Bacterial corneal ulcer presents with painful, red, watering eye with decrease in vision and difficulty in tolerating bright light (photophobia).

  • The battle is half won if it is diagnosed early and treatment started promptly. The treatment generally is for a few weeks atleastwith combination of antibiotics, lubricants, cycloplegics (relieve pain and ciliary muscle spasm) and needs frequent follow ups with an ophthalmologist.

  • If treatment is started early, the size of corneal opacity can be reduced and hence subsequent vision loss can be avoided.

  • Later stages may require Corneal transplant (Donated cornea from a deceased human being) for restoration of normal visual acuity.

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